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Off-Leash Camp and Obedience Training for the Top Dog

Does your dog crave adventures in the great outdoors? Of course they do! All dogs love a good romp in nature with other elite pups.

I get it. You have a super busy schedule but you want your dog to live their best life. Get your pup signed up for the best day ever - a car ride with their best buddies, a two hour off-leash hike on private land with lots of yummy snacks as reinforcement, with some obedience training including recall, sit, stay, down, and a nap in the car on the way home!

Your pup will come back to you happy, tuckered out, and fulfilled, both mentally and physically.

Camp costs $30 per day and is currently offered on Wednesdays. Spots are limited!

ABOUT Dog camp


who the heck is ivy?

See that little black and white rescued mutt with her mom and her dad and her Golden sister? She's the inspiration behind Ivy's League. Ivy is a little sweet, a lot sassy, and there's never a boring moment when she's around.

And I'm Jillian (the one holding Ivy back from running amok!) Ivy inspired me to learn more about how I can communicate better with my dogs.

I'm currently a student in Animal Behavior College's Dog Obedience program and the skills I've learned have greatly improved my relationship with Ivy and have allowed her to thrive.

Let me give your dog one of the "Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare" at Camp - the freedom to express normal behavior!

I'd love to help you improve your relationship with your dog and to allow your dog to BE A DOG out at camp!

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